3 uses for dish soap that don’t involve washing dishes
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3 uses for dish soap that don’t involve washing dishes

We all use our favorite dishwashing liquid to clean our dirty dishes, but many of us don’t know that it is also useful for other cleaning purposes. Cleaning professionals know that it can also be a useful cleaning product outside the kitchen. House Cleaning Pflugerville will help you figure out the uses of dish soap that don’t involve washing dishes. 

1. Stain remover 

When house cleaning, if you drop a hot dog covered in ketchup on the front of the shirt or pour some red wine on the pants, you can use the dishwashing liquid to remove the stains. During house cleaning, to remove the stains you will need:

Mix three parts of hydrogen peroxide with one part of dishwashing liquid.Apply the mixture as a soak on the stain.Let the solution sit for a couple of minutes, until the spot where you start to see the stain starts to fade.If the stain does not become lighter, add more peroxide and dish soap soaking solution. Look carefully at your clothes to make sure that the peroxide is working to fade the stain, but you're not bleaching the clothes. After the stain has started to fade, wash your clothes.

2. Soap scum solution 

When house cleaning, dirty debris on the walls of the shower and tub can be difficult to clean, which is why many people resort to unnecessarily harsh solutions to try to clean the soap scum. Get rid of these chemicals, as dish soap is an excellent solution to remove the soap scum.

During house cleaning, stir 1tbsp cornstarch and 1 cup of vinegar until they are thickened in a microwave-safe bowl.Microwave the mixture for a minute or two.Pour 2 tbsp of dishwashing liquid into the spray bottle.Add the mixture of hot vinegar and cornstarch to the spray bottle.To combine, shake well.Spray this solution on the walls of the shower and the tub and let it rest for about 10 minutes.Rinse the walls with water and be sure to remove all the solution. Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean everything.

3. Cabinet countertop cleaner 

During house cleaning, you must have found your cabinets covered in grease many times, you already have dishwashing liquid in the kitchen. You can also use it to clean the kitchen counters. It is also safe to use on stone surfaces. For house cleaning you need:

Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid and hot water to create a soapy action.Take a microfiber cloth and moisten it with the solution.Clean the false ceilings or cabinet doors with vertical or horizontal movements. During work, rinse the cloth regularly with clean water so as not to stain the dirt.Allow the counters or cabinets to dry. This should not take long because you should use a damp but not fully saturated cloth.Use dry microfiber cloth to polish the countertop.


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