Cleaning mistakes you avoid at home!
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Cleaning mistakes you avoid at home!

When it comes to cleaning the house, we make many mistakes, some of which we notice and others do not appear in our notice. Only then, if we know how to perform the correct method of cleaning some things, we can avoid making those mistakes. House Cleaning Pflugerville has some tips that will be helpful in avoiding mistakes made during cleaning.

1.   Avoid rubbing the carpet

The most obvious mistake we make is that we clean the carpet by rubbing it when we spill something on the carpet. This can twist the carpet fibers, which is impossible to do well even if you are able to remove the stain later. When house cleaning, if you spill something on the carpet, you need to dry it by dabbing instead of rubbing it. After that, try the stain remover on the hidden part of the carpet and then remove the stain from the carpet.

2.  Dust with a dry cloth

During house cleaning, using a dry cloth to remove dust around the house will become a disaster, as it will not catch the dust and place the dust in places where there was no dust in the first place. Instead, you should opt for a microfiber cloth or a wet cloth which can better remove dust, reduces dust build-up from the surface. During house cleaning, the microfiber cloth better captures dust particles from the surface.

3.  Spraying stuff directly

When house cleaning, the dusting does involves that we spray and then clean the dust in this case we should avoid spraying directly on the surface that we are about to clean and should spray on the cloth and then clean up the surface. During house cleaning, if we spray directly onto the surface we will be able to clean, but on a longer term it will damage our things.

4.  Combination of cleaning products

It is not always best to mix detergents that contain ammonia and bleach, as this will produce a strong mixture of chemical and damage the surface used for cleaning, such as carpets or laminate surfaces. When house cleaning, this will not only harm the surfaces, but will also be harmful to your health, as this mixture will release harmful fumes.

5.  Vacuum first

Most of the time while cleaning we are in a hurry and first we vacuum and then dust the surfaces. This is the most incorrect way, since the vacuum cleaner collects all the dust particles from the surface and if we then dust, all the dust from the surfaces will fall on the area where the cleaning was performed and it will be dusty again. When house cleaning, it is best to first clean the surface and then vacuum the area.


If you are still not satisfied with the tips that you should avoid while cleaning your home then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Pflugerville. Call  House Cleaning Pflugerville now.