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Get it done: Clean your bedroom closet - House Cleaning Pflugerville

We clean up every inch of the house and try to maintain that cleanliness throughout the time unless next deep cleaning session, but when it comes to closets it is one of the places that require regular maintenance, especially for the closets that are present in your bedroom.

We tend to throw things rather than placing them properly in the closet just because we know that no one is peeking into the bedroom closet and with time it turns into a huge mess. House Cleaning Pflugerville has several steps that will help you in keeping your closet clean. 

Step 1 

When house cleaning, when it comes to cleaning the closet the first thing is to empty the closet, you should literally take out everything out of the closet. This will allow you to deep clean your closet, if you avoid empting the closet that means that you will look over the things that are embedded at the back or at the back of your drawers. During house cleaning, make sure you empty your closet section by section and when emptying the closet make sure you have an empty bed or baskets where you have to place the things from the closet.  

Step 2  

During house cleaning, after emptying the closet then comes the turn of the physical cleaning part, this too is an important step as this will give you a clean space and to arrange your things properly. When house cleaning, it is rare that the closets ever get cleaned, so it is common that your closet floor or shelves will have a stale odor. To treat this odor, sprinkle your closet with generous amounts of  baking soda and let it sit for a while, during that time take a vacuum cleaner and a ladder and clean up the shelves on the top parts which are hard to reach. During house cleaning then spray the shelves with all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth. After that vacuum baking soda of the floor.  

Step 3  

When house cleaning, it is common that we pile up clothes that we no longer use but like to keep a lot for no reason these take up space in our closet and eventually we run out of space, so when it comes to cleaning the closet after cleaning the surface, come towards sorting out the clothing. During house cleaning, you should arrange for baskets or boxes, go through clothes section by section and ask yourself if you see yourself using it, do they fit you and that you like them, if yes then toss it in the keep pile, if not then toss it in the donation pile. After sorting out the clothes you will see that you will have a much lighter closet. 

Step 4  

After sorting out the clothes then go for organizing the clothes season wise and allot them specific shelves and then keep them in the closet accordingly. 


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