How should you clean spilled cooking oil?
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How should you clean spilled cooking oil?

Cleaning up any spills in the house is a disaster that nobody wants to face. But some spills (water or milk) are easier to clean than others. If you've poured vegetable oil into your kitchen, you already know how difficult it can be to clean it if you do it the same way as any liquid. Since the oil tends to leave sticky and slippery residues, removing an oil leak should result in absorption, drying and cleaning with soap and water. House Cleaning Pflugerville will let you know about a few tricks that can come in handy when cleaning the oil spill.

Oil spills in the kitchen

When house cleaning, if you spilled vegetable oil on the floor or other surface inside your home, it probably happened in the kitchen. Most people are tempted to use a rag to clean the oil from the surfaces of the floor in the same way they would clean the spilled water or red sauce, but this will only spread and cover the oil more area. During house cleaning, this could cause adhesion or even a slippery and unsafe floor, depending on where the oil was spilled. Instead, you will have to use something that absorbs oil. Spray a granular powder on the oil, or use absorbent sheets designed to absorb oil stains without spreading it.

Remove the oil from the tiles

During house cleaning, once the oil spilled from the floor or counter has been absorbed, it will be necessary to clean the oil stain to avoid sticking or a slippery surface. If you've spilled oil on a linoleum floor, you can use dishwashing liquid, baking soda, hot water and a brush to remove the oil stain from the affected area. Vinyl floors must be cleaned with warm water before being treated with a vinyl floor cleaner, which can be purchased at most supermarkets, hardware stores, or drugstores. When house cleaning, to remove the oil from the ceramic tiles, mix the white vinegar and hot water in a bucket, then use a rag or a chamois cloth to gently polish the surface.

Cleaning of carpet oil

During house cleaning, if you've spilled cooking oil on the carpet, you can bring it back to normal by using dishwashing detergent, formulated to reduce fat. To do this, start drying the oil with a clean towel until the towel no longer collects oil. Then dry the area with alcohol and a clean cloth, avoiding rubbing the stain on the carpet. When house cleaning, once the carpet is treated with alcohol, mix 1 liter of water with 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, pour it on the stain and dry until all the oil stain has been removed.


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