How to fix clogged bathrooms?
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How to fix clogged bathrooms?

Bathroom is one place that is most visited around the house and is full of germs that needs to be cleaned on almost daily or on alternative days.due to the overload and more use of the bathroom the drains get clogged, which needs attention as soon as possible before they turn your whole house into a mess.

House Cleaning Pflugerville has some tips on how you can unclog your drain easily at home. 

1. Sink clog 

Clean the stopper: When house cleaning, the soap scum, hair or gunk get stuck in the stopper, so you should remove it and soak it in hot water. Then clean it by dipping it in white vinegar. 

Make a drain volcano: During house cleaning if you find a clogged drain, pour in a cup of vinegar  followed by ½ cup of baking powder. Put a plug quickly after this, then after 15-20 minutes, take off the plug and pour in boiling hot water. This will immediately open up the clogged drain.

Remove the drain pipe: When house cleaning, sometimes the drain pipe is stuck with gunk, for that you can carefully remove the drain pipe from the back of the sink and then clean it with hot water. This can stop the clogging too. 

Plunge: During house cleaning plungers are not only for cleaning the toilet, it can also be used for unclogging the drain. But make sure that you use a round shaped plunger for cleaning the clog. 

2. Toilet clog 

Plunger: When house cleaning, a plunger is a good option to clean the toilet clog. Plunge the toilet then flush the toilet if the water still goes down slowly then switch to the next step. 

The snake: Snakes can help you remove obstacles that a plunger cannot pull out. You can grab one in the hardware store and find instructions on how you can use it to unclog the toilet.

Vinegar and baking soda: During house cleaning, if you find a clogged toilet pour in 1-2 cups of vinegar and over that pour in 1 cup of baking soda cover it with a plastic wrap and let it sit for awhile then flush the toilet. The air that gets accumulated in the bowl pushes it in slowly and you will have a clean toilet in no time. 

3. Shower clog 

During house cleaning, you must have found many times that water keeps on getting accumulated in your feet, that is when you know that your shower drain has been clogged. To clean the shower drain, you can use the methods from the sink unclogging to clean the drain. Mostly the shower drain gets clogged due to the soap scum or hair and it can be unclogged by pouring in boiling hot water. 


If you seek more tips and options for your bathroom then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Pflugerville  experts or book an appointment with House Cleaning Pflugerville now.