Poisioning prevention tips for children
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Poisioning prevention tips for children

The poisonous home products are generally hidden on a plain sight and they could quickly cause harm without even getting a warning during the house cleaning process. House Cleaning Pflugerville is here to remind you that some of the most dangerous home products are out in the open at your home and this is a guide which will help you out how you can respond to such emergencies so that you always keep yourself prepared. 

Most Poisonous Household Products

When house cleaning we know that poisons are very easy to swallow, inhale and absorb without even notice. Most common household products that contain poisonous substances> It includes:

-  Laundry detergents

- Hand sanitizer

- Pain medications

- Oils

- Cleaning supplies

- Bug sprays 

- Disinfectants 

It does not end here. It is very easy to get in contact with the poisonous products in other ways as well especially for the kids. It’s as easy as touchin the chemicals and then putting your hands all over the face and mouth just for any reason. It has been suggested that during the house cleaning process you should not put your hands inside your eyes.


Take Precautions When Handling Poisonous Products 

Luckily there are many ways or precautions that you can take in order to avoid the poison. 

1. You are not supposed to mix the chemicals together to create a new solution as it will make toxic fumes. 

2. During the house cleaning process you need to make sure that you read all of the care and instructions that are written at the back of the bottle. 

3. When house cleaning make sure that you keep all of these toxic products out of children’s reach and try to use child protect locks where you are storing the chemicals.


Always handle the medication safely

When the medicine falls in the wrong hands it can become very dangerous as it might cause damage and especially if that gets in the hands of children. Here is what you can do during the house cleaning process to keep the house risk free. 

1. During the house cleaning process all you need to do is keep all of the medicine cabinets in the cupboard or out of your children's reach. 

2. Just make sure that you never leave the medicine box on the countertops even if you are stepping away just for a few seconds. 

3. If you are keeping the medicines in a plastic bag or purse then make sure that you keep them out of reach. 

Also, if you want to dispose the medicine then you must do it safely in order to avoid putting others at risk. Some of the pharmacies have got a take back or return option in which you can return the medicine which is no longer needed by you. If you are not having that option then you should just flush the medicine. 


If you still need more tips then you can get in touch with your local House Cleaning Pflugerville now or just book an appointment with House Cleaning Pflugerville now.