Tips of Cleaning and Caring for Stainless Steel Appliances
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Tips of Cleaning and Caring for Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances is a strong and wonderful material. When house cleaning, It provides you an attractive and shiny look to many different types of products like appliances, handrails, tanks or chrome faucets but the stainless steel don’t always stay clean if you are having hard water in your area as well as it doesn’t remain rust free, so, it needs cleaning on a regular basis or weekly basis.


House cleaning Pflugerville has got few tips which you can follow to get a shiny and glossy look on your stainless steel appliances.


Avoid Abrasives:

During the house cleaning process, make sure that you don’t use any abrasive tools on your stainless steel appliances as the steel can be dulled and damaged. The abrasive cleaners include steel wool, scrubbing pad or cleaning agent, so avoid it. Always try to use a clean cloth or you can use microfiber cloth to clean the stainless steel.


Start with the vinegar:

WHen house cleaning you need to get a spray bottle and add vinegar and some soapy water in the bottle and after that spritz it on the stainless steel appliances. Use a clean cloth. Make sure that you follow the direction of the grain of the steel surface. Try to do it from the top to bottom.


In this house cleaning process you can use dishwashing liquid and baking soda as well to remove stubborn stains, dirt, grome and food particles as well.


Use Oil on your Appliances:

When house cleaning try to get a dry cloth and add a few drops of oil it then observe the grain and then start rubbing it in the direction of the grain. Like this you will bring back the luster and shine on your stainless steel appliances.


If you are planning to use the glass cleaner on the stainless steel appliance then before using you should go through the owner's manual just to be sure that it’s safe to use.


Use Flour to Make Your Sink Shine:

During the house cleaning process if you are not having oil in your home then you can polish the steel sink with flour. The advantage of flour is that it not only buffs your kitchen sink but it will also absorb the dirt that has been grounded into the grooves of the stainless steel. Before you start this process make sure that your sink is completely dry before starting otherwise your will end up with a gooey mass.


Don’t forget to dry:

During the house cleaning process, no matter what kind of method your use just don’t forget to dry your stainless steel appliances. The liquid residue will cause those dark splotches will come back again. A quick wipe will be more than enough to get done! Once again you will have a glossy and shiny look on your old dull stainless steel appliances.


For more kitchen cleaning options and cleaning tips call your local house cleaning Pflugerville experts.