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Tips to Clean Your LCD Screen | House Cleaning Pflugerville

Cleaning the monitor or lcd screen on the regular basis will help you to see better display. During the house cleaning process you might want to use different commercial cleaners that are available for purchase but you can easily create your own cleaners at home by using household items that are already in your pantry.


Follow tips by house cleaning Pflugerville to clean your lcd screen during the house cleaning process.


Power Down:

When house cleaning, before you start cleaning the lcd screen, be sure that you have turned off the power button as well as removed the plug. Never clean the monitor or lcd screen when it’s on. Shut down the lcd screen and let it get cool down prior to cleaning. The warm surface will evaporate the cleaning solution before you wipe the solution with the dry cloth which will leave streaks on the lcd screen.


Use Soft Cloth:

During the house cleaning, make sure that you don’t use paper towels or any other corax rags to clean your lcd screen or monitor. It may contain abrasive material that can damage the delicate surface of your screen or protective surface coating of the lcd screen/monitor during the house cleaning process. Moreover, the facial tissue can be very dusty and it will leave lint on the screen. So, the best thing to clean the lcd screen is to use a lint free microfiber cloth or clean cotton rags.


Air Method:

During the house cleaning process, you can use canned air to remove dust and debris from the edge of your lcd screen. Canned air can also be used for deep house cleaning. All you need to do is just apply the air to the surface of the screen to remove the large pieces of dust before you wipe the monitor properly.


Avoid liquid Cleaners:

The liquid cleaners and lcd screens don’t have a perfect relationship with each other. Liquid cleaners that are specifically designed to clean the lcd screens should be only used to wipe the dirt and fingerprints. Also, never ever use the cleaners that contain ketones as it will destroy the anti-glare coating of the lcd screen. Try to spray the liquid cleaner on the cloth rather than spraying it on the lcd screen as it can seep under the frame.  


Be Gentle:

When house cleaning keep in mind that the lcd screens are fragile and they should be cleaned with gentle strokes. Make sure that you don’t press the screen with your fingers or any other object as excessive pressure might damage the screen.


Size Matters:

When house cleaning the size of the lcd matters a lot. Small lcd screens can be cleaned with a single wipe but large screens need to be wiped in sections. Sometimes cleaning huge lcd screens can cause streaks and smudges. So, try to do the cleaning process in sections that is more easy.


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