Your Coffee Maker is Full of Mold? Here’s How to Clean it
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Your Coffee Maker is Full of Mold? Here’s How to Clean it

White vinegar is a useful cleaning agent which removes the buildup of coffee from your pot. You should clean it at least after  every six months. Here are few steps by house cleaning pflugerville to clean the coffee pots. 


1. Pour out the vinegar

Once your coffee maker has finished the complete brewing process get rid of the solution during house cleaning process. It’s okay if there is a small quantity of solution left in the pot. 


2. Rinse the carafe

When house cleaning you need to use warm water and soap to clean the carafe. For cleaning you use a sponge as well. After that you need to pour out the soapy water solution and rinse with water to remove soap residue. 


3. Pour fresh water

Once you have rinsed it, pour fresh water into the carafe for house cleaning. Make sure that you don't mix vinegar with the freshwater. Use the maximum amount of water the coffee maker can brew


4. Run brew cycle 

For house cleaning just press the brew button to run a cycle with water. Let the entire brew cycle run for some time and then, repeat the brew cycle two more times. You need to change the water after every cycle, refill and run it again. Make sure you let the coffee maker get cooled down for 5-10 minutes.


- If you smell vinegar then you can use warm water to get rid of the smell.


5. Wash exterior 

Once you are done with last cycle pour out the water. After that you need to remove the carafe basket from the coffee maker and then clean the entire surface of the coffee maker with a liquid detergent or soap by using microfiber cloth. Rinse everything with clean water to remove residue of soap 


6. Use vinegar spray

When house cleaning If you don’t want to wash the outside area of your coffee maker with soap and water solution then you can use vinegar spray solution. All you need to do is fill it in a spray bottle and then use microfiber cloth and wipe the surface of the coffee maker. If necessary you can use more vinegar solution. Finish the house cleaning process with rinsing with water


- If you are unable to reach the hard to reach areas then use a Q-tip. 


7. Wash coffee pot 

During the house cleaning process you can hand wash the coffee pot and basket or just put them into the dishwasher. If you want to wash it with hands then pour some dishwashing liquid on sponge and scrub the entire pot and the basket. After that rinse with water. If you are using the dishwasher then use a gentle cycle for the pot and basket. 


8. Reassemble 

In the end just make sure that there are not any left small quantity of solution in the coffee pot as it will result in molds or mineral buildup. After the inspection just replace the carafe and basket. 



For more coffee pot cleaning tips call your local house cleaning pflugerville experts.